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    increasing appetite

    Hey, anyone any ideas on how i can increase my appetite, i'm after getting bigger but at the mo i just cant eat enough food, i'm literally forcing it down my throat. Is there any vitamins or something i could take to increase my appetite.


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    Sip on a weight gainer protein drink throughout the day to get the extra calories and protein you need. I'm the same way, i can only eat so much "real" food throughout the day before i feel like shit.

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    It's called suck it up bro and do what's needed to put the weight on. I get tired of eating so much at times too, but I gotta keep eating. Eventually you will get used to eating so much and your metab will adjust and your appetite will increase. Just keep eating....

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    Depending on your age equipoise will increase your appetite like nothing else. But as Big T said, just keep eating like a horse and your body will eventually adjust to the higher cals. Good luck!


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