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    Dieting Sux!!!!!

    Guys I just like to eat the foods that taste good. I've tried the low fat diets,low carb diets,and I've concluded the best one for me is the low sugar diet with plenty of protein,carbs and fats.

    The other diets make me very tired,jittery, and unhappy too say the least. It's okay too eat tuna and more tuna before a competition but for me I could never do it as a life style. I'd just rather eat les of the foods I wanted!

    When I'm out eating at the local steak house I can't resist rolls with butter,potaoes,steaks, the works. Am I making anyone hungry? hee hee

    I don't see how some of you guys stick with those diets? I'm not fat but not cut too the bone either. I guess I'm pretty content just eating normal with added protein and trying to gain size and strength. Diets don't make me happy but lifting and munching out does! ol:

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    I hear ya on that one, i used to feel the same way.

    I've tried dieting down a few times, and every time i try to diet down, i get better and better at it. I learn my body better and i learn more how to resist the power of pizza and vodka.

    I think after while you just understand that you have to give up something to get something. Right now when i see food, i don't see chicken or tuna, i just see protein and the amount in grams. Funny how you train yourself to act and think after a while.

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    I don't look at the way I eat as a diet but more like a life style.

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    Exactly mudd, it's a lifestyle, besides that there are plenty of books and such out there that will show you how to cook a healthy and tasty meal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMudMan
    I don't look at the way I eat as a diet but more like a life style.

    exactly, once you get into the groove of things, you'll be two steppin to the music
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