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    Question Young Female Seeking to put on Lean Body Mass!!

    How much should a 18 year old girl be eating to put on LBM?
    Her stats. She has been working out consistently for 2.5 years. She now has a trainer and is eating 2000Cal per day.
    Stats: 5'5 125lbs 18 years old. Spends about 4 days per week training. And does cardio on an empty stomach around 7am 4-5 days per week. How much should she be eating if taking anabolics. (Anavar )****Please don't tell me that she is too young or it could make her voice go deeper. It was her choice and it was something that she was dead set on doing...
    She is presently on week 4 at 15mg of Denkall Oxandrine per day. Ramped up like this. week 1 2.5mg week 2 5mg week 3 10mg week 4 15mg. She's at around five weeks at 15mg. I believe that the denkall's are underdosed a bit. I'd imagine that she is at around 12mg. Absolutely no sides except very very slight enlargement of the clit. (very slight) and a couple pimples. No deepening of the voice no extra hair growth.
    Does someone want to help us with her diet please. She's not on any set schedule
    but she is eating every 2.5 hours. Whey Shakes, oatmeal, peanut butter, flax oil, chicken, tuna, dark green veggies. These are the kinds of things that she is eating now. She's actually doing pretty damn well. She obviously needs to clean up her diet a bit and count her cals. This is what I am asking for help with..
    1) How long should she stay on the var?? Should she drop her dosage even if she isn't having any sides?? Is three months too long??

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    3 months is too long. Perhaps you should post this in the steriods forum.

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    I agree 3 months is a bit long. About the diet. This can be tricky but with enough experimentation she will be able to work it out. At 18 her metabolism should be high and with her devotion to her work out I doult she will have anything to worry about gaining the wrong kind of weight. Unfortunetaly these gains may not appear as soon as we would like them and that just takes time and patients. From what you have written she appears ok although I am not a big believer in peanut butter is one is really wanting to cut down on the excess cal. Just be sure for her not to eat anything aleast a hour before bed time and keep up the good work.

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