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    Ephedra based pill and CKD diet?

    Hey bro's im going to start the ckd diet in one week and i was wondering if it would be a good idea to take a ephedra based pill before training to increase the intensity, because the carb intake is so low that i feel so tired. WOuld that be a good idea or just leave the ephedra out? I would apprecicate any help guys, thanx.

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    go ahead knock ur self out, using it isnt a problem.

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    I agree....It'll help you shed faster. In addition to the ketones used through the ECA will raise temperature an allow you to burn more....Some people also take clen on this diet, which I've heard also works really well!

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    I'm not so sure that an eca would be good during the CKD diet. As we are well aware, most if not all eca's contain caffeine. Caffeine during a no carb diet whether it be CKD or atkins is a no no. Excessive amounts, like the ones in an ECA spike your insulin levels, making it almost impossible to maintain a strong level of ketosis. If you're eating every few hours, as well as doing some cardio at least 4-5 days a week, you should have plenty of energy without having to use an eca. However, when getting off of the CKD diet, I would immediately begin an ECA, to help burn off some of the carbs that you will then be ingesting. Just my .02

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    I wouldn't recommend starting the ECA right away. The very important thing about CKD is sleep, you need it more than ever when starting a CKD, cuz you definitely aren't going to get any energy from your meals at the beginning.

    When i started CKD, sometimes i just didn't really have the energy, so i cut my workouts down to a 1/2 hour and just focused on a few compound movements then got the hell out of the gym. As i got used to the CKD, I increased workout time to about 45 min, but i always keep workouts short when dieting.

    I would take your diet as far as you can before you start the ECA.

    BTW riss, if it didn't have caffeine it wouldn't be an ECA I usually kept carbs at around 10g or less per day, and I don't feel the ECA brought me out of ketosis at all. BTW, just FYI, i used a carb up once every 4 days, something to think about.

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