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Thread: Your vegetable eating habits

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    Your vegetable eating habits

    Please describe your vegetable eating habits. What type you eat mainly, how often / much etc. Do you buy frozen or fresh, how you prepare and all that.

    Thanks for the replys

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    I try to eat vegetables most days. Carrots, broccoli sprouts, peas, sweetcorn, cauliflower, turnip. A mix of fresh and frozen I love them on a Sunday dinner.
    All the veg is steamed.
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    When working & for multiple meal preps for the upcoming week, Id use frozen because of speed/convenience. Now however, we stick with fresh. Ill go raw as much as possible.

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    My habits for eating veg is, I don’t. Lol. I am following the carnivore diet so I’ve ostensibly eliminated everything not animal based, with one exception. I will eat a small amount of fermented veg, i.e., sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented dill pickles, and similar food for the probiotic benefit.

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    I have green vegetables (or greens) in meals 2, 3, and 6.

    I rotate between fresh spinach or butter lettuce with some rasberry vinagrette or mini cukes.

    Greens help satiety without adding too many extra calories.

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    I will eat veg in meals without other carbs and usually frozen for the ease as I’m a lazy bastard!
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    In general, I eat a cucumber and tomato salad with my eggs in the morning. I know it's not common in the US, maybe even the rest of the world... but this is what my people do. Clean a cucumber, cut up a bunch of slices. I use cherry tomatoes or any smaller variety with a lot of flavor (I grow my own in the summer), and throw some feta cheese and vinegar on it. Sometimes I'll put some onion on there, too. The rest of the day, I just eat veggies cooked in meals. When I first met my girl, she thought I was crazy for making a salad with breakfast... but now she's hooked.
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    I eat them everyday. Breakfast with beggies. Veggies sop at dinner and baked veggies with fish or meat for dinner

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