I bought flax oil and some all natural peanut butter (5carbs/1 sugar/low sodium) I also eat alot of olive oil, and avacados. I don't count calories but try to eat very regularily and comb the board and take bits and pieces from it.
I imagine that I eat about 100-120grams of fat per day. Of course this 90% of this comes from the named foods above.
I drink about three shakes a day with milk/peanut butter
I eat uncooked oatmeal/milk and sweetener
3-4tbsp of flax oil
1/2 CA Avacodo
3-4tbsp of Peanut butter
Redmeat or chicken
A couple bananas
A fair amount of brocolli
My Stats Before cycle:6'2 195lbs about 12%BF
My stats Post cycle: 6'2 211lbs about 10%BF (a guess)
I just got off of a
EQ 300mg per week(Week1-9)
Winstrol 50mg EOD (Week9-12)
Anavar 30mg a day(Week1-8)
Tren 75mg EOD(Week8-12)
I have already taken about 10,000iu's of HCG and have begun my clomid and also started my clenbuterol to hold down cortisone levels.
What do you guys think?