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    Can someone help me??

    Ok, I am about 200lbs, I'm 5'11". I am around 14% bodyfat. I would like to get down to about 8% bodyfat and stay there. I am currently eating really well. Here is a normal day for me can someone clean it up for me? And tell me what it is missing and needs less of. I am also going to start cardio for 30 mins 4 days a week.
    meal 1: 1/3 cup oats, 4 eggs, blueberrys or wheat with natural PB and honey
    meal 2: albacore tuna sandwhich on wheat with granola bar
    meal 3: same as meal 2
    meal 4: detour bar or chicken breast asparagus some wheat bread and salad
    meal 5: protein shake
    That isn't my diet to the T but it is pretty much what I am eating. So can someone critique my diet for me I want to drop some body fat. Thanks alot Suprateez

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    meal 1 -cut out the honey and the four whole eggs-add 10 egg whites and 2 whole eggs
    bump oats to 1/2 cup

    meal 2 - cut out the granola bar-- add one can of tuna and 2 slices wheat bread

    meal 3- same

    meal 4- cut out bread, add 1-1.5 sweet potato

    meal 5- 400 cal protein shake

    move cardio to 6 days per week up to 50 min/day as soon as possible

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