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    Angry my diet revisited

    well. im about 170lb and 5'11. ive been following this diet since about june.

    6 egg whites 1 yolk

    1 can tuna
    2 slices wheat bread


    2 scoops optimum

    chicken breast or salmon
    baked potato

    1 scoop optimum
    2 TBL natural peanut butter
    1 yogurt

    1 1/2 servings cottage cheese

    estimated total
    carbs: 150 protein: 180 fats: 40

    this is an OK Diet i guess compared to what i used to eat, but i dont really gain.. or lose with this.. it only comes to about 1680 calories total, i guess i need about 100g more carbohydrates.. but im afraid of gaining fat with all the carbs. what do you think? could i be underestimating and actually eating more calories than i think. also.. i heard no fats in post workout meal.. well if i eat salmon that has 20g ess fats for PWO2.. bad idea? for simple sugars i usually have one serving of gatorade with my protein after my workout.. this comes to only 16g sugar,, is that enough?.. i know this is a lot of questions but hopefully they can all be answered.

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    another thing to keep in mind... the more weight you lose/gain, you'll have to change up the calorie count accordingly. if you've been eating the same amount and not gaining/losing, you'll probably want to mess around with the calorie count, if you wanna gain, eat more. if you want to lose, eat less.

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    eat more of everything!!!! if you wanna gain.
    i'd drop the salmon for pwo, u need to up the pwo carbs as well, 16 is not enuff. Add more protein in all your meals, try and add on 1.5g per lb. sub a better carb source for pre-workout, and get more of it.
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    If your worried about gaining fat, then i would drop the carbs down to 100g and dbl your protein intake.

    BTW, nothing wrong with salmon PWO.

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