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    I've been doing cyp, and im gaining muscle, but I want to lose the fat I have aswell. I've been avoiding cardio excercises b/c I was told that this will limit muscle gain. Is this so? And what kind of diet should I use for maximum muscle gains that wont make me a fat ass.

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    Try doing cardio at 60-70% of your max heart rate for no more than 45 minutes, preferably thirty minutes 4X weekly. As for diet, you should refer to a more cutting cycle diet. Tobey is an excellent resource on these matters. Check the educational threads for his post on caloric intake requirements. Very good information. Limit your carbs later in the day and keep your protein intake up.

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    Doing cardio doesn't reduce your gains when using! You need to replace the calories burned by cardio with good clean calories. This allows you to grow and get leaner. In fact, it is proven that doing cardio allows for increases in capillaries in the cardiovascular system. More blood flow in the muscle=better nutrient delivery=better growth!

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