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    6 to 8 weeks in ckd with zenadrine EFX, should I use ephedrine with it?

    Just wanted to know if I can use a plain ephedrine pill with xenadrine EFX to enhance fat loss.

    never did a CKD before and first EVER cutting cycle, should I expect to see a difference in 6 to 8 weeks?????? Im following it basically to the T(Lyle Mcdonalds report) except for more protein.

    last week was just plain keto with cardio, and tried to weight train like regular and COULDNT train with any intensity, but this week thanks to Big Green I found that article and Im gonna try the full body plan and circuit training. protein is 1.5g per pound a day trace carbs from shakes and things and way low fat than normal(7 meals/day). Im not concerned with losing muscle but Im taking glutamine now in pretty high doses cuz my muscle seems a little flat. Im just looking to get the most out of this 6-8weeks since I have to wait 12 weeks before I can cut again. guessing Im at about 20-30% bodyfat, lots of muscle and a mini-keg in the gut, but not sure the percentage.
    forgot 30-45 min of cardio 4 to 5 days a week.

    If I get any replys on this from people with advice, Ill post my diet but not gonna waste time if not.

    Holla back at me
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