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    Drinking every night

    How bad is it for building muscle if I drink 6 nights a week or so?

    I just started reading this board and I see that drinking isn't the best thing to do. I am pretty thin and I just started a high protein bulking diet similar to the ones on this forum. Will drinking almost every night hurt my gains significantly? If so why is this, I would think that the extra calories would help. I know that it dehydrates the muscle but why are the calories a bad thing?

    I am a very hard gainer and I would think that the more calories I eat/drink the more weight I would gain.

    I see a lot of big guys at the bars every night, apparently they manage to drink and remain big and muscular.

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    Dude if you are drinking 6 days a week you should be in an aa meeting not here j/k.
    for real tho tone it down if you want to beef up. and eat eat eat if you are a hard gainer

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    #1 Those big guys probably juice or are fatter than you suspect.
    #2 Get serious

    If you want to build your body, you cannot drink 6 nights a week. It supresses you natural testosterone production up to 72 hours after your last drink. It also messes up your sleep cycle, throws off your hydration and electrolyte balance, incurs estrogenic effects, and spikes your insulin causing you to put on those excess calories as fat.

    Didn't want to sound harsh, but cutting the drinking back will have a dramatic effect on your gains. I've known recovered alchoholics who have unbeleivable gains at the gym after they quit drinking.

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    Maybe if you smoked a pack of smokes while you were drinking that would help. You would be exercising your lungs man!

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    To many extra many extra much sugar...messes with your sleep...eats your liver..takes money away from gear!

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