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    Diet on and off /AS

    Ok here is my question to all you guys out that that eat healthy or maybe dont. I am around 245 durning the summer and 255-260 durning the winter. This is mainly because I eat what ever I want durning the winter IE fast food, pizza, cheese steaks and what ever else comes to mind. This winter I plan on doing a cycle first one besides a little dbal here and there. I was woundering would it be better for me to eat correct and healthy and try to consume the calorie intake that i need to maintain and gain weight for lean body mass or eat what ever I want and really blow up? If your arguement is to eat healthy and correct what should my daily calorie intake be per pound and should I split that up between mean replacements and protien shakes throughout the day. For example eat 6 meals a day 3 of them being full corse meals and the other 3 being protien shakes/meal replacements. I have done alot of research on this subject but each person is different on how there body reacts to calorie intake. I am just woundering what people have done on this board to get where they wanted to go ie bulking up for the winter(off season).

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    well me being a person that puts fat on very easily my next cycle i am gonna eat as clean as possible 6 massive high protein meals...along with clean carbs my buddy on the other hand cannot control himself and eats like a hog fries burgers and whatever and he has the same metabolism as me slow...but he is by no means cut just big. i know when i take d-bols and test i wanna eat like a bottomless pit so the answer to ur question would be this depending on ur metabolism which sounds like u gain fat fast also along with size i would do light cardio dont cut it out and try to eat as clean as possible if it gets bad make sunday a cheat day...i hope i helped u out....goodluck

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