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    Protein after workout?

    Ive been drinking RTD soy-protein from Myoplex right after weight-training and always feel really weird afterwards... like I haveto throw up!
    Do you know what might cause this?
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    No, but you want a fast-acting protein following a workout. Switch to whey protein. Not sure if this helps but I tried a soy burger before and my stomach felt like it was going to explode. I guess soy just doesn't agree with some ppl.


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    Def switch to the whey pwo. I've had soy burgers and stuff like that and have been able to stomach em straight up, but damn I had a 6oz glass before of soy milk, and i could only take in half of it before i said no more. This is pretty unusual that i couldn't finish it considering i used to eat raw eggs every day.

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