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    Alcohol And Working Out ???

    I decided to ask this question when I read Pete235's message written while he was drunk

    It's probably been brought up before, but anywho here it goes. In terms of working out and drinking, how does it affect your workout. I'm 19, worked out for 2 years, 175p, 167cm. I don't drink a lot. Maybe one or two coolers every other week or so. But in terms of the alcohol getting into your system and fucking up other supplements your taking, like Creatine or Glutamine. My friend sometimes drinks like a bitch and comes to the workout the monday thereafter and lifts like any other How much is too much? And how much is bad for your workout? I try to get as little as possible, but sometimes you just can't resist that sweet sweet Pina Colada Breezer


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    I prefer drinking WINNIE!

    Drinkin winnie all weekend , you come in strong on monday!

    J/K I don't drink just on the weekends!

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    hmmmmm lets see.....

    option 1: A bottle of beer, ~150 cals, 0g protein, 30g carbs, <1g fat.......

    option 2: A scoop of whey protein, ~100 cals, 25g protein, 1g carb, 1g fat.

    On a typical drinking night, lets say you drink 5 "drinks". Now, if those were option 1, you would get 750cals, 0g protein, 150g carbs, and 5g fat. If they were option 2, you would get 500cals, 125g protein, 5g carbs, and 5g fat.

    Which do you think is more conductive to looking like Ronnie Coleman?

    No kidding, sometimes I mix up a 4-8 scoop shake in a shaker bottle and take it to house parties with me. While everyone else is fighting over the keg.... I stand around and pick up girls who are feelin up my muscles, while I sip away at 200g of protein (which by the way makes you swole as hell.. )

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    I think MIKE put it best in another post concening drinking...."its not a matter of the reaction alcohol has to your body, but more what effect alcohol has on you WORKOUTS" or something like that. To me that means that its ok to crink a little on occation, but when it starts leaving you with headaches/dehydrated/unmotivated/not training at 100%, is when its getting to be a prob..

    A note on your frined, I have a friend just like that, he drinks like a fish 4 days a week, hardly workouts out and manages to stay about the same size and strength. At first it frustrated me but you cant look at it as though it you against him ITS YOU AGAINST YOU. If anything just be happy for him and let it motivate you MORE.

    hope that helps


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    BTW, even though my last reply is true, I still drink on occasion too.

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    In my opinion alcohol and tobacco are the worst drugs in our society.

    Why, you would say, because they are legal.

    Gouverments are spending much affort in getting the coke gangs, steroids .

    What those hypocrits should first is bann those 2 first, but they don't because they are making money from it.

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    Working out clean

    Ok, I'm not even going to mention the nutritional values as they have already been discussed. Alchol as a whole will effect almost every aspect of your training from your diet to your intensities. There are amny supplements that are wasted as alchol is injested into the body. To many to mention to be honest. The mental preparation for a successful workout especially several months before a comp. can be very demanding and without the proper attitude, it can mean the differnece between winner and just placing. ( Or not placeing at all) Does that mean you can never go out and have a drink with some friends? Of course not! But one must always remember only in moderation. That is where many have their problems and pit falls. What is moderatoin and what is not. As long as there is no type of pattern to ones drinking AND as long as one can get up and workout the next day without it effecting their training, then I see no problem. I would never recommend going out on the town if you are planning to work out the next day .( Expescially the next morning.) Alchol is a depressant and it does slow your body down. That is bad news when it comes to working out in the gym.

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