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Thread: Meal timing

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    Meal timing

    OKay I start to do cardio at 7 am for 45 mins then 15 mins of abs.. then begin my eating meals. I usually ate every 3 meals but now since I started working I can't seem to fit in too many meals but replace them with shakes and am only getting in like maybe 4-5 meals which include shakes. My question is, is it okay to eat every 2 hours as opposed to 3 hours.. will my body be able to digest and absorb the proteing, fats, and carbs..

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    Yes it's ok to eat every 2 hours if you can handle eating that often. I try to consume at least 5-6 real food meals a day and 2-3 shakes. I eat every 2-3 hours depending on my schedule for the day.

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