I am considering building a couple different formulas at proteinfactory, but I need some help. I am really planning on 2 or 3 different shakes.

The first one is for post workout.

Now consider I will be getting home from the gym, and shooting my insulin . For those of you who don't know me, I have a mild case of diabetes, which I use to my advantage, and cycle slin 4 weeks on 4 off. So I inject my slin and need a shake, this is one of the shakes I want to create. I am thinking 40-50g Dextrose + 10g Creatine + maybe some protein?? I have always used my regular protein shake mixed in orange juice for this shake before. I want something a little better. Should this meal have fast acting proteins, or slow acting proteins? I am concerned that whey might be too quickly absorbed and not hold me over until the next meal (if on 'R', that may not be for another 1.5 - 2 hours). On the other hand, if I use all casein or egg protein, it may not refill my muscle glycogen stores efficiently?? Someone who knows their stuff, please help. Maybe a combination???

The next shake is for any odd hour of the day.

I would use this shake between meals and possibly to replace a meal that I don't have time to cook. This could also be used as the meal at the 2 hour mark on insulin. So I am thinking complex carbs and a lot of protein. I also am considering throwing in the aminogen if anyone can assure me that it really does help absorb more protein. I would also like to include at least 5 grams of glutamine in this shake. Is Maltodextrine a complex enough carbohydrate for this purpose? Since it appears in many weight gainers, I would think so. Also, what types of proteins should this shake contain? Mostly Whey, with a little casein or egg for a better overall profile???

Also, is there a good shake to build for just before going to bed? One that contains mostly slow absorbing and assimilated proteins, like casein?

Any help is very appreciated. Also, if anyone can make two recommendations for each. One for cutting, one for bulking, that would be great. For example, while bulking, the anytime shake needs to have more carbs. I am cutting right now, until spring break, but then I will be bulking again after that.

Thanks. Later