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    I eat 4 PB&J a day, too much?

    my goal is to gain some mass, but also try n' keep cut... is 4 a day too much?

    thx (i'm a diet newbie as i'm sure my thread indicates)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamache
    my goal is to gain some mass, but also try n' keep cut... is 4 a day too much?

    thx (i'm a diet newbie as i'm sure my thread indicates)
    I made a similar comment with another user. My belief is that the jelly part of your diet is not good for your cutting goal. The jelly or jam is almost completely sugar. If your gaol is to add fat to your body and then change the fat to muscle later, then you are rith on target. If you are trying to stay or get lean, kill the jelly/jam/honey altogether. Peanut butter on the other hand hassome sugar in it already, but at least you are getting the benefit of its high protien, which will assist you in growing muscle. The bread should be made of a complex carb. Look for a whole graon, and even then, make sure that it is made from an unbleached flour.

    Even of this, if you are taling about 4 sandwhiches a day, you really need to be doing a lot of cardio to burn off the excess carbs. thats 8 slices of bread. That alone is a lot of carb.

    Personally, I think that I may be older than a lot of the members here, so fat control is a big issue for me. I like to keep my bf% way down, so I limit my carbs much more than what I am suggesting for you.

    Only you know where you are and where you want to be.
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    4 pb&j sandwiches a day is waaaaaay too much. And if the bread is anything but whole grain it's even worse.

    Say that is 8 pieces of white bread
    4 tablespoons of jelly
    8 tablespoons of peanut butter

    Nutritionally you would have:
    1916 cals
    84g of fat
    247g of carbs
    59g of protein

    and practically all of the carbs would quickly convert to sugar by your body. yikes.

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    I just had 3 for lunch. Low sodium peanut butter, whole wheat bread. I have to get some sugar free jelly but that 12 grams of fiber is good.

    I think it all depends on your metabolism. I stuggle to keep weight on so it doesn't hurt me. I will still have a full serving of Nlarge 2 later after my workout with my other 5 meals throughout the day. That might put 10-12 lbs on me in a year if I am lucky.
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    yea use natural pb and suger free like scott said toss it on 12 grain bread

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    Eat a few lean rib-eye's or N.Y. steaks and brocolli a day, then tell me how much you gain in a year.


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    Swole's right.... pb&j sandwhiches are "ok" from time to time, but focus on eating some lean meat, beef, turkey, chicken, hell.. even lean pork. That'll pack on some weight.

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    i agrea with the guys..i also heard that the more red meat u consume the mosre testosterone the body produces...make sure the meat is realy clean tho because cholesterol in red meat is the worse...if u add alot of red meat make sure ur not eating fried shit..i believe 2servings of chicken, 1serving of red meat, one serving of fish and 2 pb sandwiches with sugar free jelly would be the best...not to mention the 3 shakes, veggiez, fruits, pasta, dairy products, vitamins u should be consuming

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