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    Detailed DIet- 4 First Cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first inaguaral post. Glad to be here with you guys, hope i'll learn alot. Ne ways i'm going on my first cycle ever, some of my stats : i'm 19 years old, attending university and have been seriously bodybuilding for around 2 years. I'm 202 pounds at about 11% boyfat, 6'.I played baseball in college for 1 year then quit and am now focusing on school and working out. I am going to be taking a Primobolan Depot cycle running at 400mgs/week for 6-8weeks. My usage of this product, injections, and measurments and purchasing will be done through a friend's father who is a Dr. So since i'm living on my own and am able to buy whichever food i like, i was wondering if you fellows would know of or would be able to supply me with a detailed effective diet meal plan while i'm on the cycle for relatively 2months.
    meal 1: Protein Shake- Outmeal Orange juice...etc

    Anyone who has taken primo especially and used a great diet to get results. I dont care about calories..etc
    A daily plan something with 5-6 meals a day, including 2 protein shakes...etc.any help would be great guys, good to be on with you guys! HOPE TO TALK TO YOU ALL

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    first of all, many bros are going to tell you that you are too young, but if you have fully matured, or feel you have, you are going to do what you are going to do, second, if you do go for it, i would recommend a test only cycle, but thats not what we are talking about. What are your goals (cutting, getting as big as possible, etc.)?

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    many bro are going to tell you " way to young give it about 3 more years diet and work out like a fiend hang out and learn then when you hit 21 or 22 have at it. if you have stopped growing

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