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    I am looking for the simplest and easiest BULK DIET to follow

    can anyone suggest the easiest and simplest BULKING DIET to follow... thanks..

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    very simple, eat everything (clean, whole wheat breads, brown rices, and shitloads of meat and fish) eat all the time.

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    if u cant eat around every 2-3hours u should try to..and if u cant then make sure u eat at least 3large complete meals with at least 45grms of protien and consume a weight gaining protien shake after ur work out or some creatine with lots of water b4 the protien shake...a realy good weight gainer bottle is "abb xxl" great tasting and will definately work 4u everything and when ever u can if u r looking to bulk...just make sure u always have some protien with w/e u eat and work out hard...cake, cake, fats(from nuts, eggs, or oils)spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly sand's, and as much meat as u can...if u can eat alot and dont have a buzy schedual then make sure ur meals are separated by 2-3hours..and drink lots of juice water and whole milk...ul blow up..the hard part will come later

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