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    Please Help

    I have type 2 diabetes, i was diagnosed about a year ago. I have been speaking to my doc to try to find out what to eat, but they are not giving me enough calories and my nurse actually said, "your protein powder is killing you", which is amazing because i'm using the low carb isopure stuff. if there is anyone on here that is in the same boat as me and can help me with my nutrition, please help. in the past week i have had my meds switched 2x and my doc said if this medication doesn't work he will have to put me on insulin . i'm right now eating oatmeal, peanut butter, ground beef and cheese chicken breast and turkey breast. unless i am mis-interpreting this diet that my doc gave me, they are giving me more carbs than what i am eating now!! this is confusing. ok, i'm rambling, if you can, please help me. Thanks.

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    well if they r giving u more carbs u should be eating them sure they know very well what they r doing..and if ur confused c what another doctor has to say..get different point of views..but anyway...what isopure stuff r u using? the best stuff for u would be the bottled isopure...contains 0 carbs..and 50grms of ion exchanged double filtered whey protien isolate...from what i it to ur doc and ask him/her if its of any threat 2u, then u will know what 2do...later dude

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