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    training in the morning.... when to eat?

    ok... i just started training in the morning (6AM) so i was wondering when exactly to eat and what to eat.... i have 2 ideas but i really dont know which one would be best. I normally take in around 1200 cals first thing in the morning and i puke if i eat too quickly because of the amount of food, so im thinking it could hinder my workouts because of the amount of food in my stomach. Neways, here is the breakdown of what i was thinking:

    Normal breakfast:
    Oatmeal, protein shake, whole milk, V8

    My ideas for my new workout scheme:
    1) all my carbs when i wake up - workout - shake
    2) Normal breakfast - workout - another postworkout shake

    if anybody has a better breakdown i'd be more than glad to hear it... if not then which one would be better #1 or #2.


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    If the puking or upset stomach is a problem or makes you feel uncomfortable, its not uncommon(in fact it seems like most morning lifters) to just throw everything in the blender and drink your breakfast.

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    Eat a normal breakfast, wait an hour, lift, eat your normal post workout shake, and then a normal Post post workout shake.

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