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    weight gainer/protein?

    Would you guys say that a good all in one weight gainer is better for building mass than a plain protein powder?


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    well most weight gainer's will have the whey protein in them anyways.

    it depends on what you're looking for. i use weight gainer as a meal replacement and for added calories.

    and then i use whey protein as a supplement with my snack meals. 2 scoops of my when protein has 250 calories, also, so you're only missing out on about 400 calories, the extra vitamins, minerals, etc. - given that you use water.

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    i never get anything from the masspowders, protein powders are goot pwo, i now just spend the money i would have on mass an protein powders on chicken and more food, and i am gettin way better results. id try that, it comes out about the same, or a lil cheaper prolly. dependin on where u get your chicken.

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