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    1,477 how many have used them ?

    how many of you have used did u get good results with them? do you know if they sell good quality protein.

    i was hoping someone could help out a bit ? i dont wanna jump in and spend money if they dont sell good quality protein ? specifically casein and egg white protein !

    thanx !

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    I used them for a couple of different mixtures. One was a combo of different protein..the otherr was a combo of protein with some try to match up to the Myoplex Deluxe formula. They were personable and helpful. Their prices on bulk orders can't be beat. If you are nor sure what to order from them (menu is extensive) then you can talk to someone there and explain what your goals are and they will make suggestions for formulas to help you out.

    give 'em a try.


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    I was just going to post something allong the lines of the same question last night.

    The quality of the protein rate up there with myoplex and others?

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    I have not used protien factory, but I have used with good results. I find it to be a little cheaper and shipping was at cost

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