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    Muscle Mass Gaining Problems

    My metabolism is kinda high and my job is also pretty lame, I donīt have a physical demanding job so yes, I get to sit still quite a lot but try to at least daily have a decent walk.
    My ambitition is to gain some muscle mass without too much bodyfat, itīs not comfortable to look like and feel like a seal when you claim you workout at a gym and your buddies look strangely at you. And then ask;
    "-You workout?"

    The goal is to put on some mass, Iīve been training since 1996 and more serious the last 2-4 years with supplements and a drug free training. My bodyweight is 201 Ibs at a height of almost 6'1. And, my metabolism is kinda high and my bodytype is like ecto-endomorphic...
    My daily macronutrients is following (all percentages are not 100% accurate but on a good day theyīre pretty much like these);
    Protein 27% about 225 gm
    Carbs 52% about 440 gm
    Fat 21% about 30-40 gm
    My bodyfat level is not measured but I guess it would be around 14%- maybe higher, you can slightly see textures of abs when flexing but thereīs also some sights of the well known 'handles of love', u know? So what...itīs muscle mass gain, right?
    And no, itīs not troubling me with having the actual 'not so big love handles' at winter time when I am anyway wearing a T-shirt on.

    The days when I go below 300-350 gm of Carbs I get all wuzzy & fuzzy and donīt know what I am doing, I guess some of those who diet before contests get those feelings? Like being a bit drunk?
    I do know some of you recommend higher Protein intake, like 400-500 gm which is really high and I havenīt figured out where I could get so much Protein from, without robbing myself. Lack of money, yeah, havenīt we all?
    What about the fat intake, higher it or lower it? I sit quite a lot at my job? Opinions?

    What I would like to know is am I doing it right or wrong?
    Can I expect a slow muscle mass gain or can I make it quicker somehow? Without ""the"" supplements"...

    So if youīve read this far, gimme me some advice what to think of and what to do to make progress?

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    well, how is your post-workout shake?
    how do you split your meal?
    do you eat before bedtime?
    do you have enough sleep?
    how is your training routine?

    answer those, maybe we could give a bit more help...
    but, carbs intake sounds good, try to get a bit more protein, ~280-300g , and try to have a bit more healty fat...

    maybe you can try taking affordable supplement as creatine or r-ala...


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    I like your macro nutrient breakdown... it's the same as the one I am following for my 'bulking diet' Where are you getting your carbs from... the type of carbs is more important than the amount of carbs!

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