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    Did you say STEAK?

    whenever i have a meal which includes steak my muscles feel very full and pumped and then about ten minutes later i get really tired. Can anyone explain why this happens?

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    MMMM when ever I eat steak all I get is my taiste buds thanking me for laying off the chicken

    Wheres PPP he's the steak eater

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    Red meats are loaded with creatine? but I don't think there's enough tryptophan in steak to induse sleep? but It knocks me out every time too!

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    I read somewhere that because steak is so hard for your body to digest, a lot of your blood moves to your stomach to help digest it and so there is less circulation other places. Also, it burns a lot of energy to digest. I don't know if that's true, but I read it somewhere in a magazine or something....

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    Well, according to the alloffaloffagill amactapakitan sinutaribilin jiggamanilin that's in steak. I come to the conclusion of, I HAVE NO FLIPPING IDEA how or why you get tired after eating my protein of choice. But, just for typing that, i will go eat some MORE steak, and see what happens. I will check back in with results in 5 min.s..s......

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    It's probably the amount you guys eat that is causing the drowsiness, lol!!

    Seriously though, gonna is right in that after a meal a percentage of blood is diverted to digestion and this can induce drowsiness (your body would very much like you to have a nice kip so that it can do the biz on the food for you in peace and quiet - it's so annoying for your body when it has to stop half way through a good meal because you've gone and started chasing a deer for the next meal ).

    Another thing I learnt at Uni - carbs wake you up, protein makes you sleepy... and milk / cheese gives you nightmares lol!


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