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    Diet while bulking, where to get all the cals ?

    Hey -
    alright, im just on a cycle of oral d-bols to get me mentally motivated, 25mg a day for right now. Somehting about knowing im on AS makes me more dedicated idk. But basically heres the issue, i started yesterday and i dotn feel as thought im gettin in enough cals, is weightgainer drinks an option ? How many cals should i be taking in 6'1 - 215 - 19% BF, body parts once a week correct way to do it, rite ?

    This was todays diet, bland i know but i can deal with it, all meals 2 hrs apart

    Protein bar 32p/28c,6f
    2 packs oatmeal

    Metrx RTD40 40p/15c/3f

    2 chicken breats, prolly 6-8ozs a piece
    2 tbsp bbq
    4 tbsp light ranch

    2 more chicken breasts
    2 tbsp bbq

    Protein Drink 40p/3c/3f
    2 cups pasta
    1/2 cup sauce

    Protein bar 32p/28c/6f
    1/2 cup salt free cottage cheese
    2 tbsp sugar free jam

    Metrx meal replacement 40p/19c/2f
    2 strawberry toaster strudels

    And thats what it looks like, prolly about a gallon of water thoughout the day
    600mg milk thistle
    3 pills of 6-Oxo
    25mg dbol

    So what am i missing, and how many cals should i be taking in ?


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    Where is your workout and when are you working out?

    Your diet should never be the same for days in the gym as it is for days out of the gym.

    Tons of suggestions for foods, but we have to know the above first to make those corrections.


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    Workout is usually after 6th meal which i have at about 8pm, got classes or work all day. Dont go to sleep till 2 so plenty of time afterwards Workout is usually followed by a Metrx RTD 40, and some variety of fruit or pasta. Lifting on every other day so this week was T, TH, SAt (blocked in by snow so no), M,W,F so just every other day not sundays.
    Im just a little confused about the amount of cals and carbs i should be taking in so an adaquate gain, thanks


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