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Thread: My Diet!

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    My Diet!

    hello. im 21, 5'6 152 and about 16% bf, goal is to lean out to 8%. im natural this moment, saving for the gear and will get on test,fina,eq,arimidex ,t3,clen .

    i am training HIT mon-wed-fri 45 minutes one body part per week
    i started doing cardio tue,thur,sat, and im not sure about sun. i am doing a brisk walk on the treadmill 3.7mph at 5% for 45 min. soon will just walk briskly around the block for 45 min because i hate driving to the gym every day!
    here is my diet for the TRAINING DAYS:

    meal 1
    8 egg whites
    2 whole eggs
    1/2 cup oats

    meal 2
    chicken breast (foster farms, no sodium or rib meat, just 100% natural, about 6-9 oz)
    1 TBSP flaxseed oil
    1 TBSP natural peanut butter

    meal 3
    same as meal 2

    meal 4: pre-workout
    chicken breast
    1 cup oats

    meal 5: post-workout
    50g maltodextrin
    50g whey isolate

    meal 6: 1 hour post-workout
    8 oz eye of round steak
    4-6 oz yam or 1/2 cup oats

    old fashioned oats are my carb staple. on non-training days i just have 1/2 cup oats twice per day everything stays the same. i have 1/2 cup oats in meal 1 and in meal 3. i move the fats from meal 3 to a later meal in the eve with no carbs. so i quit carbs for like 10 hours before bed. thats 50g carbs for training days and about 150g for training days. protein is 250g, and fats around 50g every day. i plan on carb loading or cheating BUT ON A TRAINING DAY, instead of sundays. this would help with loading the muscle post-workout i suppose. should i carb load or cheat? i still train in the eve around 6 and sleep by 11 pm.

    i notice i am a bit leaner but i want faster results. i guess i have to wait. i do have clen tabs can i take them alone or is it better if i wait? this wait can take a couple months so i can be done by that time. i dont make much money right now.

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    i meant to say 50g carbs for non-training days and 150g for training days.

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    First off let me say that I'm impressed with your foresight in saving the gear till you get to a lower bodyfat, as well as your ability to lay out a good diet. You can save the clen for a little while, because this diet should be a pretty good starting point for you, give it some time. As far as cheating, yes you should, but a cheat MEAL, not a cheat DAY. It's a huge difference Your rotation of carbs on training vs. non training days is a good idea as well. Well done.

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    and i have not cheated for like 2 weeks already because i dont know if i should carb load or cheat.

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    bump. sorry i didnt mean to just post this. i did have some questions. are my calories on set with my weight? i was always kinda fat like 22% before i started working out like 4 years ago. i think whatever i do, my progress is always slow unless i use juice or take some dnp . i hate doing it naturally but have no choice. id rather diet and lose some fat then wait forever!

    my goal is to reach a legit 9% BF, i do plan on adding juice in here for sure, but when i do not know.

    also, i dont know why but 2 years ago i was around the same BF maybe higher but my face always looked leaner, i was doing dnp and t3, didnt train and didnt eat much but now i am leaner i can tell by my body but my face is not dry or tight all the time and i am drinking alot of water, maybe i should up it. but i dont understand. so far i weighed myself and dropped around 2 pounds, i want to lose 2 pounds of adipose tissue per week, i was wondering if that was enough cardio to do that? i think i will go ahead and cheat tomorrow post post-workout but shouldnt i increase complex carbs that day or is cheating the same as carb-loading? (to stimulate the thyroid)

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