hey im just starting to refine my diet a lot more for bulking. i still have a long way to go but i was just hoping for some comments/suggestions on how it is currently. now im unsure about the yohgurt i eat but its lite yohgurt and ive been instructed by a few bodybuilding mates of mine that it is real good for growing. for some reason i just dont feel right about eating this much of it. here we go.

meal 1: 2x toast, whey protien shake, bowl muesali/oats

meal 2(usualy post workout): 1kg/2.2pound tub of fruit yohgurt (a lot!)

meal 3: large bowl rice with 160grams of tuna, 2 large boiled eggs

meal 4: whey protien shake, cheese sandwich

meal 5: meat serve (either steak or chicken breast fillet),vegies (broccolli, carrots spuds etc)

meal 6: whey protien shake and 2 or 3 large boiled eggs

now this is the basic foundation that i work off. it is mostly exactly that every day but somethings change a little. like pasta instead of rice etc.
i also use gen-tec fuel (tribulus) pre workout. and multi vitamins.
im 182 pounds, 14%bf, wieght train 5 times a week, approx 3 mile run 3 times a week. currently that is all the activity i do cause i have leave for 6 weeks over christmass. but come february ill be more active throughot the day aswell so i may have to up it.
what do you all think?