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    Following up on reciepes and keeping fit

    I know that there are alot of wierd ingredients in some of these reciepes, ingredients that you would not normanly come across. In the past I have tried to include where you can get some of these that you normanly don't hear about on a regular basis and if I forget one or two just PM me and I'll let you know, but recently I was questioned about why buy some of this crap for just one meal? If you are serious about your diet you are going to have to learn to prepare your on meals, it just basic reasonning that nobody else knows your pesonal diet plan than you so it is left up to you to make sure what goes into your body. Most of the spices and ingredients that you buy today will be needed in future reciepes. Believe me, it will not take long before everytime you go to make somthing new there will only be about 1 or 2 basic ingredients that you will need to buy to make the dish as you will allready have the other ingredients. Just a thought .

    P.S, Are any of you receptive to a few dessert recieps? I know that many of these are not high in protein, but all are low in fat and I will try to incorporate some ways around the protein delima by adding extra ingredients such as chocolate protein shakes and such ect. into the dessert.Let me know


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    Yeah man, keep em flowing. Nothing wrong with a little dessert every now and then.

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    No really Tobey I think Im going to marry you as long as my wife doesnt mind youve made eating fun

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