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    Marinating adds fat?

    Does fat absorb into meat when it is marinated? I like to marinate chicken breasts in cheap Italian dressing and soy sauce (50:50). Is this adding too many unneeded nutrients? (ie. fat, carbs)

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    with metal plates...
    i guess its more to adding sodium...

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    I'd say yes, you are adding fats, and as egg said, sodium, but overall, i don't think it's such a big issue.

    If you're eating a meal during the day that's mostly pro/fat, and low on carbs, you'll want some fat in there - and healthy oils such as polyunsaturates (dressings) and monounsaturates (olive oil - better for you) are the types of fats you'll want in there...

    However, if you're still consuming a lot of carbs throughout the day, adding fat is a no-no, so i guess the answer to your question lies with what your overall diet looks like, and what you're going for...

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