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    Hey Big Will, Did you get my last post?

    Hey man,
    Whats up? Cool board huh? Anyway, I had been reading through some of your post and in the post that the guy made called Good foods/bad foods you made a mention about staying away from flour. Can you expand on that? I really never thought about it before and although I don't think that I really take in that much of the stuff my Mom is coming down to visit me for a few weeks and well you know how it goes with mothers and cooking.

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    Not sure if I got it or not. Board changed on me too fast.
    About white flour: white flour is white because it has been processed. The essential nutrients have been removed and then "put back in" at the end of the process. The problem is that they are never really "put back in." You may have noticed that there is brown flour on the market. That is wheat flour that has not been processed. For best health, and weight management, stay away from any processed food. Eat your foods as natural as possible. Sugar, salt and white flour are 3 of the biggest reasons why America is fat and sick.

    New board looks good. Good software - the old one stunk!

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    Isn't white flour high in calories, fat and carbs? I never eat flour so I don't know, but that is what I heard at one time.

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