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    Helix Pharma/ bad gear?

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows anything about Helix Pharma from Canada... Seems to be ok gear but was wondering if anyone else had any experiece with it? also I had a Tren /prop blend from them and it burnt so bad when injected and ached for days straight after to the point where I was wakin up in the middle of the night taking two extra strength advils, could barely lift my arm. Thanks guys!

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    I've heard good things. Never tried it.

    However, it's some pretty expensive product.

    IMO, do not worth the price in comparison to other labs...

    (does saying that in that way is against the rules??

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    Never tried it but like GSC said, heard some good things. Was planning on running it next summer maybe. You talk to your rep about the pain? Could of been a bad batch/vial/something.

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