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Thread: Teragon vs Pfizer Cypionate

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    Teragon vs Pfizer Cypionate

    Hey guys, I have done a couple cycles. Used medistar gear and have had some pretty good results. Some people say its under dosed so looking at some other labs. I have a chance to get Teragon cypionate 250 and I have a chance to get pfizer cypionate 200. I have been looking around and people seem to have great success with both. Just wondering if anyone has ever used either. Want to get the best bang for my buck! Thanks

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    Yeah my doctor prescribes me pfizer. Wish she would be less stingy with it!

    teragon is ugl right?

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    Yea pretty sure. I have used alot of medi star and the lst batch of tnt400 I had, I wasnt very pleased with it, Im very new to the game and still trying to figure out best ways to get stuff. Not fishing for a source just trying to understand the safest route possible. I hear teragon is good, but have never used it and dont know anyone personally that has used it. I would think that pfizer would be pretty potent stuff considering they are a big pharma brand and have been around for years. If anyone has any more info please feel free to let me know as I am just wanted to figure out good quality products.

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    I am currently on my first cycle (5 weeks in) and using Teragon Cypionate Testex-250 (500 mg/week) I have to say I am very disappointed with the results, I have not seen any significant increases in strength after my first two weeks (which was most likely due to my increased workout schedule) and I have not gained 1 pound of weight from when I started. I am seriously questioning if my Testex-250 is bunk, or at least under-dosed. I am new at this so there may be other factors that I'm not aware of this, but for the second half of my 10 week cycle I have decided to switch my cypionate from Teragon to Metabolic Cypabolic (250 mg/ml). If I notice any significant improvements using Metabolic cypionate over Teragon's cypionate, then I will conclude that there was something up with my Teragon. If I don't notice any difference, then I know that I'm probably just not doing something right.

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    If you can get real Pfizer test, get it. It's the best you can get as far as I'm concerned.
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