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    Question Medistar Clen - Fake or Underdosed?

    Hi everyone,

    First, I know this may be the wrong section of the forum, as clean is not a steroid , but I didn't where else this thread could belong to.

    I am 6ft, 190 pounds, and ~12% BF. I recently bought some liquid clen , and got it in the mail 3 days ago. The clen is made by Medistar, and it is dosed at 200mcg/mL. This is a 50mL bottle.

    I started my cycle with 40mcg, but did not feel anything at all. A couple hours later, I went ahead and took an extra 20mcg, but again no sides at all.

    The next day I bumped up the dose to 100mcg just to see if I would get any sides, but no sides whatsoever.

    I'm starting to believe that this clen is either fake or underdosed, but it surprises me, as Medistar is supposedly legit.

    This morning I took 200mcg straight up, and again, didn't feel a damn thing. Also, it's got an alcohol taste, like literally, I thought I was swallowing cheap vodka. This is pretty weird, because from what I read, the majority of people get really intense sides when they exceed 120mcgs.I took my heart rate and it is the same as usual.

    Is it actually possible that Clen works without any sides? Should I bump up the dose until I feel anything, or would that dangerous as it might be working without me noticing?

    Thanks for your help!
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    go to the top right and get it from ar r it's prob bunk I believe most are a little shaky with 20 after a hour or 2

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    I wouldn't use anything from them. Go with ar-r , you'll know it's real.
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    Well I went with Medistar because I live in Canada, and there was less risks of getting my package seized at the border..
    But is it possible that clen works without any noticeable sides?

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    Clen you should definitely should get sides.

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