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    Genesis stuff

    Hey guys, I have a couple of options on brands. I'm wondering specifically about the Genesis brand. I've read that they went out of business in 2010, so this tells me that it's someone else using the name. But I guess that's not uncommon. The packaging looks like you'd get from a pharmacy, including the vial. It certainly looks better than some other UGL stuff I've seen. My buddy has done 2 cycles one with Genesis and one with other stuff. He says it was great. Anyone used it recently, or have any input? Thanks.

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    Its always a gamble.

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    if they are supposedly out of bizz.. then I would avoid them.. Anyone copying another UGL is shady IMO

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    From what I have read genesis did not go out of business, but they did change there name. There could be some older stuff still floating around, but I believe they changed there name to Unigen life sciences. Heard good things about both, but supposedly there are lot of counterfeited products.

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