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Thread: Aus UGL thread

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    Aus UGL thread

    Any fellow aussies on here?

    What brands are you guys using? Post reviews, recommendations, warnings ect. Hopefully we can get a reliable list of gtg products and help each other out as we all know about some of the shit gear that gets around down here.

    Also has anyone tried helix pharma? Newish brand ive heard good things but cant confirm.

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    hey mate I'm from sydney
    I'm about to use gen pharma test 250 heard god things from mates will confirm in the coming weeks

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    gen pharma as in geneza pharmaceuticals ?

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    Hey good thread for us aussies. I've been using quantum (ugl) testosterone enanthanate.

    Blood work shows test off the charts.
    However I get PIP from it.. Even with 25g. Might be cos my first cycle.

    Going to try kryptonite test E next.

    Next cycle I'm hoping to try the kryptonite EQ 300/ml.

    Anyone used kryptonite gear?

    Which lab you guys use for ancilliaries?
    Have been on southern cross aromasin and proviron , seems ok but hard to tell.

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