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    Suggestions for recourse

    Hello all,

    I understand the rules regarding sources, I am just wondering what everyone does if they encounter a source that has scammed them or ripped them off? Things were much easier a few years ago when I was in the Army and word of mouth and reputation made this whole business simple and consistent.

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    Thats a tough one, depending on how you pay you might just have to take a loss, learn from it and try a new source. Reading through the forum though can give you a pretty good idea of where to start atleast for reputable ugl's i mean its all a risk but atleast its a place to start then just searching google for more open forums with sources, sifting through feedback, labs, testing etc. It's definitely a chore and a gamble for sure

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    You get scammed tell it here so no one else gets ripped off but be honest.

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