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    BombLabs & Endurexx

    Has anyone ever used BombLabs or Endurexx products? I received a vial of BombLabs test-e 300 and a package of Endurexx (10mg) dianabol .

    After 5 days on the Endurexx dbol (40mg/day), I am sure that these are completely bunk. No great pumps, or any sides at all. Nothing. Today is day 6 and I upped the dose to 50mg, and plan on doing it through the weekend. My gut is telling me to just quit taking them though, because I should definitely be getting SOME effects by now, especially at that dose.

    As for the BombLabs test-e, it's too early to really tell, but based on a buddy's recent experience with them, along with other people's reviews, it should be legit. I'll post update about it next week. Btw, I am dosing it at 300mg twice a week.BombLabs & Endurexx-20615409_4178618226282_1846547911_o.jpgBombLabs & Endurexx-20597815_4178619186306_1620278657_o.jpgBombLabs & Endurexx-20597762_4178619146305_1527495119_o.jpg

    Edit: I will take the dbol at 50mg/day for the next 8 days, and discontinue use if there are still zero results.
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