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    My Experience with Enhanced A. MENT

    Hello everyone, I saw, there is not much Information about trestolone, and after all this hype from Enhanced Athlete, I think its time to give my thoughts.
    Dr Tony Huge puts ment like a extremely anabolic compound, with only little side effects.
    Now, short answer, is yes it might be the case.
    But it all depends on your genetics.
    Lets start with my personal experience.
    My cycle was as following:
    6 weeks ment @30mg/day
    6 weeks tren @30mg/day
    Original Idea was doing ment and tren together, but then I heard lots of scary things about HPTA supression, so I decided to start out with ment, to have the least impact on my HPTA. my BF was around 13% and weight 83kg.
    no test along ment.
    I can't say I felt it right away, but I can swear, the day after my first pin, I had some puffy gyno occurring.
    normaly on 500mg test, it takes 2 weeks at least, to show up, although I'm very sensitive to gyno.
    I also gained 2kg in 4 days, probably all water.
    I went on 2 weeks at 30mg, had to start letro since the beginning, 2,5 E2D (AT ONLY 30mg!!!)
    week 3 I bumped up to 50mg day, and that week, I was gaining another kg x day, that forced me to double the dose of letro.
    Now let me explain this, because its very important when you have to decide wether take something like MENT.
    probably 70% of you would say, its good 1kg x day, its amazing.
    not for everyone sadly, maybe for most of you, but not everyone.
    This is a very important point everyone should think about, even the "experts"
    same as androgen sides.
    its true, most will have as side effect, crazy water retention, most people between 10-20kg in the muscle, and some will have some gyno issues also.
    I have the worst scenario of estrogen side effects, most of estrogens will convert to gyno, the rest, to some water, but not in the muscle, rather in adipose tissue, so for me estrogens are no-go.
    I also noticed, MENT is more likely to attack gyno instead of water retention (compared to test). thats also bad for someone that is gyno sensitive.
    I've been also taking caber.
    Lets go on.
    I felt my apetite got incredible, thats good for a hardgainer like me.
    week 3 i went up to 87kg, but no quality muscle mass, more like fatty look, had a bad time to wear my swimmwear, and still look ripped. there was some fatburn going on, even if my caloric intake was much higher.
    but nothing compared to tren.
    when I start tren in a cycle, regardless my BF, i'm below 10% in 3-4weeks. with ment, you burn some fat, but once you get close to 11%, it kinda stops burning.

    Sides from Ment:
    When we talk about sides, there are good sides, like water retention in the muscle, there are annoying sides, like tren sweat, there are sides that force you to lower the dose, like extreme gyno, and finally, sides that force you to stop the compound.
    Example: I've been forced by dbol and clen , to stop the cycle due total apetite suppression.
    Ment, forced me to go back to 30mg after 1 week on 50mg, mostly because, I was having tren-like mind confuson, dizzyness, I felt sick in my head, like my head was not attached anymore to my body. it was messing hard with my brain, similar to what tren does at high doses.
    at 30mg everything went back to normal. my weight went up to stable 87kg during the whole cycle, my muscles were full the whole time, i got stronger but not my endurance.
    Then I started with tren, I had some ment left, so I did some weeks with both compounds.
    Again, my limit was 30mg day ment and 30mg day tren. fat started to melt away, muscle looked hard finally, but still dense, that was amazing. then i finally dropped ment, and replaced it with TRT-dose test along tren.
    They say, ment mimics test, and libido should not be a problem. in my case, libido was very low on ment only. when i started test and tren, I immediately felt a spike in libido.
    I ended my cycle at 87kg and more or less 10% BF.
    Now the good part of ment: HPTA reactivation was very mild, only some clomid for 5-6 weeks. (although i did not do any BW yet but i feel recovered)
    I always ended up after PCT with 83kg again, but this time, I'm at 85kg and less fat!!!
    I was stuck at 83kg for 2 years, ment brought me on another level.
    I'm looking forward to do ment again, this time along tren. 25mg each. maybe some test and masteron too.

    Personal thoughts: If you are mesomorph or endomorph, and not a professional, you don't need ment, like dr tony huge says, you get too big on it.

    If you are ectomorph, hardgainer skinnyfat or whatever, and you hit plateau even with tren (like me), then yes, ment might be a solution. but take in mind, the estrogenic sides are very harsh, and controlling them, will be very hard. avoid ment, if you have very sensitive gyno like me, and you are not so familiar to control it.
    Avoid ment, if you have problems with HPTA recovery also.
    these are my hints based on my experience and my sides. Other sides that i did not mention here, can ocurr, due we are all different, and everyone reacts different.

    I hope this could have been helpful for you all. sorry for my bad english.

    Question: is there some SERM, that blocks estro to gyno, similar to NOLVA but that doesn't mess with IGF-1 and prolactin??
    that would be a good solution for ment users that suffer from gyno, but don't want to totally kill estrogens or mess with letro. thanks!!

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