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    EnhancedChemicals / EnhancedAthlete for PCT/Ancillary drugs ?

    I've purchased SARMs from enhanced before and they have met my expectations. But now that I'm getting my first Test E cycle together wanted to know if anyone here has used them to buy PCT/ancillary meds. They have everything I need for my first cycle other than the Test E.

    HcG /aromasin /arimidex /nolva/clomid and other "research" chemicals are available through them.

    I don't know if I want to put all my eggs in one basket and get everything from someone I've never used before. My current thinking is to get my Pct from enhanced and my Test from my "source" . Split the risk

    Any insight would be appreciated


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    With a little legwork and effort you can find pharmaceutical ancillaries. Nothing against solid research vendors, I.just prefer to opt for.pharma when it is so readily available.
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    Pharma grade pct is easily availiable. I was using ea's liquid cialis and got really bad hives that spread everywhere. Stopped once i ceased dosing.

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