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    Bunch of UX labs stuff for new cycle, reviews?

    Just got a bunch of new goodies im about to run. Im not sure if its allowed from the rules, but others seem to get away with asking so ill take my chance. Can post pics if necessary.

    Ux labs, anyone heard of them or have any experience?

    I got my before bloodwork done, so i can always check later on through the cycle. But itd be nice to know i wasn't pumping in vegetable oil for 15 weeks
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    Yes, I am familiar with them. So far, they put out decent products. Keep in mind that can change at the drop of a hat. UGLs are no better than the raws they receive.
    I wouldn't wait 1& weeks to pull labs. Pull them at least by the halfway mark if not sooner, depending on what you're running.
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    Haha yea i wasnt going to wait the full term, especially if i wasnt feeling any different.

    I read another members post that if i got tested after 5 weeks or so and got a full panel test including estrogen, and my natural level was ok i could maybe continue on without adding an ai. That would be a bonus of early blood work.

    But as long as at least someones heard good things that makes me happy!

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