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    Exclamation WARNING: xxxxxxxx Source IGF is a SCAM

    Pretty much said the body of this post in the title, I got a crap ton of IGF-1 DES from them because a friend had ordered some nootropics from them with good results. And I saw that they also had some peptides and thought that because one product of theirs was good that all of their products were good, so I ordered $500 worth of IGF-1 DES from them at about $20 per 1mg vial and I've taken care to make sure they weren't exposed to light and kept cold and that the Bac water was carefully put in, and that the solution was carefully drawn out, but it's been an almost 4 months of daily dosing 5min pre workout first at 200mcg then 400-800mcg without ANY results, I get a slightly better pump right after, but it hasn't hasn't given me any longterm gains, I'm pretty much always at the same starting point everytime I hit the gym

    However... I have been injecting with the comfort-in needle free jet injector, so maybe the peptide is to fragile for it, but heck there should've been a noticeable gain from the 800mcg doses even if 60% got destroyed during the injection

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    It wont get any long term gains, its all hype and marketing. Stop looking for the secret because at your age its not these so called super peps lol, learn to train hard,intense and eat like a freak.

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