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    Dragon pharma

    Any experience with this,the reason I ask is I ordered geneza,was taking forever! Supplier sent me Dragon pharma instead,triple the amount I ordered, wich is great and all,but would like to hear any experiences with it.let me clarify,they sent the geneza,but also sent 2 vials of Dragon pharma for my wait,plus a coupon wich is nice,but don't have much experience with Dragon pharma.
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    I had a similar situation and get two vials of Dragn Pharma, everything I have found looks solid and there website looks legit. The product looks good as well, no flakes or floaters. It is a popular brand and I see it sold at the better suppliers so I assume it is good.

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    A lot of reviews state that its vastly underdosed and from my experience and many bodybuilders I know they are of the same opinion, but what do you expect with an UGL what's aimed at the underground market. All you can do is try it and make your own mind up

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    I have used DP Cyp 250 a couple times and my bloodwork (posted in that section) showed it was legit. 4 other guys had excellent gains with no complaints as well. Was doing 1cc Monday and Thursday FYI. My buddy has been running their Prop 100 and likes it. Just my experience

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    No BW on hand, but it's legit - tren is on the $

    The sust has a fvcking PIP bite to it tho. . . . Looks thin af, but leaves nasty PIP every time

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