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Thread: Research chems

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    Research chems

    Idek if this is the right section to post this but..

    Whatever happened to the old research chemical/peptide forum sponsor? I used to purchase from them frequently. Their cialis, aromasin and nolva & clomid were always legit. Did they go south? Or strictly political/money?

    Apparently they’ve merged with a couple other sites and I’ve been getting text messages from them here recently for sales

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    I bought some of their T3, arimidex , and Cialis since it was all on sale. All seems to work just fine.

    I don’t really use arimidex until my shirt chafing on my nipples becomes painful, but .25mg clears that right up, so it works for sure.

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    Hey guys.... I am also struggling quite hard finding research chems/peptides/cialis or tadalafil .... I am from Canada and all these US sites say they only take eCheck... and from Canada you can't use US echecks.... this is awful.

    Anyone know of any Canadian friendly sites?

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