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Thread: SweetSupplies ?

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    SweetSupplies ?

    Hi everyone I used to order from a guy of my gym who left the business and some close friends talked me about .
    They gave me the contact: and told they would reply with a price list msg.
    TBH price were really good and products didnt look bad at all. 500mgEQ, 400mgDeca,300mgTren E etc..
    Decided to give it a try and package arrived today. Vials look really good and looks like quality stuff.
    Anyone here experienced them? thanks!
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    Edit your post bud. Can’t be putting people’s contact info up for the public. That’s a great way to get them busted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_SLAM_cougars View Post
    Edit your post bud. Canít be putting peopleís contact info up for the public. Thatís a great way to get them busted.
    Right? A little common sense please

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