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Thread: More education

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    The Iron Game Guest
    both examples are right, you can either do it during cycle or up to 3 weeks after the cycle or depending on remaining steroid in your system before begining clomid therapy. you should not use both at the same time and defintely need aromatase inhibitor as well as nolvadex when using it. personally its worth a shit in my book but others love it

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    thanks mike for all this information ,youre god,i need a good stacking advice for my volume period,any ideas?oh yes by the way clomid shuts me down ,never said it before because i thought it was not posible,thanks bros

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    Mike Guest
    your VOLUME period!? What do you mean bro?

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    sorry mike its what we call in spain our size time for mass,and maybe a bit of fat hehe

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    Mike Guest
    bring it to the Steroid board and we will work something out for you - make a new post there with your question and we'll make a stack for you

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    other useful sites

    Originally posted by Big Al
    Can't fail to learn here
    this is a great place to learn
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails More education-bacteria-growing.gif  

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    Effects of varios AS on natural test...

    Wow.... awesome stuff guys. I have been a silent member for a little while now, but I just had to jump in at this point!

    So the next logical question.... How,to what degree and for what length of time do the various common anabolic steroids , such as: Winstrol , Equipoise , test, deca , trenbolone , anadrol and d-bol effect natural test production. I am sure most people, including myself have at least a general idea.... for example, I have heard that both tren and deca shut down natural test production hard and for awhile, and have also heard that winstrol causes no negative feedback.

    More to the point, I am planning on doing an 8 week cycle of winstrol, and alternating 2 wk on 2wk off clenbuterol . To what degree should i expect my natural test to be shut down and for how long. I was also told clomid would not be necissary. True?

    My goals for using gear is mostly athletic, so as such I will be using mainly winstrol, Equipose and fat burners for some time to come, So it would be good to have a full understanding of the anabolics I intend to put into my body! Thanks to Mike or any other sage that has a bit of knowledge for me! thanks bros



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    great post.

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