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    anavar cycle only

    i am 37yrs old. 5'9" weighing 200lbs.about 15 to 20% bf.looking to do var cycle only.very worried about side effects of all steroids .thats why chose var only.going to do a 6wk cycle at 40mgs a r my questions.

    1.what can i expect out of this cycle(proper diet & training of course)
    2.what side effects may i have to be worried about(hairloss major concern) var liver toxic(if so how does this effect the kidneys also)

    just a note. have chlomid for pct.plan on running at 50mgs for 2wks.

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    1. Increase in muscle definition, better ability to retain strength + muscle mass.
    2. None that I know of, not while I've been on it anyway.
    3. Yes but it is very mild.

    All the obvious here: Anabolic Review Steroid Profile: Anavar (Oxandrolone)

    That PCT should be fine - Consider upping your Anavar to atleast 50-60mg ED.

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