OK, here it goes, Short and Sweet-

Since we are here to try to help people with realistic and accurate information, we need their stats.

I think that we should ask the stats on the newbies or seasoned member that is asking/wanting advice, so we can cut down on misinterpretation and mistakes. We don't want to give out wrong advice and put anyone in danger.

Also for the actual veteran users that come here that are new to this forum, then they to would also be asked for stats.

It takes a couple of minutes, at most, to type in the information- Please copy and paste this into your post asking for cycle, training or diet advice and fill in the proper information for yourself... it will give everyone a better chance to help you...


Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
BF%: ?
Cycle Exp: ?
PCT Knowledge: ?
Training Exp: ?
Diet: ? (if your question concerns your diet)




Maybe admin can make it a sticky
.(I know most newbies don't read them, but we can try).

(Yes admin can do this and Thank you *admin*)