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    How much T is enough T For lean muscel gains

    Started HRT
    My blood work after 6 weeks on T cyp 200m/W was 1280 up from 130 hedid blood test the day before my next pin. Estrondal was 205 now on AI .5 EOD
    for one week will be going to E3D soon.

    Question is is this a high enough reading to loose body fat and build up some lean mass? Not looking to be huge just to get in shape. or am I kidding myself.?
    How much T does a Body builder have in cycle? Is 1280 a level I can keep full time safely?

    Currently doing crossfit work out 3 times/week and it is kicking my ass.

    Diet is ok but needs to be cleaned up. about 2000 cal/day averag day 30 protien
    35 carbs 35 fats.

    also posted this on the hrt fourm not sure where it should go.

    Thanks for the help

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    u posted a lot of numbers but now stats of yourself???

    diet critique will be best in diet forum...hrt questions best in the hrt forum...

    from wut u said where youre test levels were before and are now...your are good for test but estradiol looks ridiculous....i leaned out on a similar 30 / 35/ 35 macro plan..but everyone's different..

    welcome and good luck..hope to see u in the hrt forum


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