Hey guys I have some questions about a cycle I wanted to run. This post won't be too in depth because I'm using my phone and am at work ha. Statistically here is where I'm at.:

Age: 23, 24 in August
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175/180
Lifting exp: 3+ years
Bf%: est 17 %
Ph exp: Ran Cel m drol 2x

Hey guys basically I'm looking to gain some lean mass and cut up a bit. I was at 230lbs about 23% then I dropped to 160lbs 11%bf now due to laziness and poor nutrition I'm at what I'm currently at. I've revamped my diet and am training consistently its been over a year since I've done any ph's I need a refresh course. Thank you folks I'm open to suggestions/opinions but I was considering running this:

Pre Cycle:
AI: Cycle support at preloading 2 weeks before through Pct.

Active Cycle:
Cel:H-drol at 75/75/75/75/75/75
Cel:P-stanz at 75/100 x 6weeks not sure which dosage to run at? Any suggestions on something for dry lean gains/hardening Winny effect?

Post Cycle Therapy :
AI: Post cycle support 4caps/day x 4 weeks
Sns:Inhibit E- 2caps/day x 4 weeks ( suggestions on better estrogen suppressor)

Follow up questions:
1. is an otc pct sufficient?
2. Would stacking 11oxo alongside this be too much?
3. When would be an appropriate time to start pct 1 day after final h drol dose?
4. Open to any other suggestions opinions

Off subject:
I'm sure this has probably been covered hundreds of times but any suggestions on a first time aas cycle maybe test eth and winny. Some dosages ect would be appreciated thanks for all your help I really appreciate it.